For the last six weeks these kids went from strangers to individuals that I deeply care for. Man when I say I want each of them to succeed that’s an understatement. Even with moments of teenager attitude each of these students are pretty awesome.

I currently want to blow all my money.


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My biggest pet peeve on Masterchef is when the judges bite the fork when they taste, and it makes the *clank* noise.

Today I saw a man die in front of me, at the very least his body pulled out appeared to be lifeless. I saw him crash in to the bridge. If he would of turned left instead of right I would not be writing this. All I know is how merciful and full of grace God is. It happened seven hours ago, and I had to be at work five mins later so I never really processed it. God is so good, I honestly have no words. Guys if you don’t know God, change that right now.