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I want one so bad.

Guys I got a dog. He needs a name and shots but ain’t he adorable. I drove but like he cost me twenty bucks. I can’t even buy a shirt for twenty bucks. He needs a name. I’m still like what?

Meredith Grey went from lovable quirky underdog to cold bitch. 


Tumblr on We Heart It.

This is life omg.

28 Everyday Struggles When You're Six Foot Something

paul-s-lee My love for buzzfeed has lead me to understand your 6 ft. struggle. I personally think from now on in ALL A2F pictures the official PaulPose should be #7, just saying. 

  • GR: "I'm sorry, but your time is done in Hell's Kitchen."
  • Contestant: "This is Master Chef."
  • GR: "..."

ONE: He has another show!!! Costa Del Nightmares


Two: He got an awesome haircut.


imagelook at it. do you see it? okay goodbye.image

now see it in motion. okay bye. 

Actually wait …


He has a leather jacket.

K. Bye.