Today I saw a man die in front of me, at the very least his body pulled out appeared to be lifeless. I saw him crash in to the bridge. If he would of turned left instead of right I would not be writing this. All I know is how merciful and full of grace God is. It happened seven hours ago, and I had to be at work five mins later so I never really processed it. God is so good, I honestly have no words. Guys if you don’t know God, change that right now. 


28/52: Galatians 5:22
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You cannot please both God and the world at the same time, They are utterly opposed to each other in their thoughts, their desires, and their actions.
written by

St. John Vianney (via co-redemptrix)

Decide to please God!

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God captured me this week. Honestly I can’t comprehend his mercy. So this whole week I’ve been partially dreading my favorite time of the week Friday Nights. I can honestly say I love The Well but this Friday after The Well was WAR, an all night prayer session. And believe me when I say I was so excited for this UNTIL they asked me to pray on stage about a week ago. At first I was like no, then a few of my CG girls gave me a ton of encouragement. That combined with prayer God got me through it.     [there were hiccups, I forgot to turn the microphone on]. It was seriously ALL God and I was privileged to be a part of that. Honestly WAR was awesome because I rediscovered the beauty in prayer. I was also reminded how much I freaking love The Well, Honestly that’s my family whether I talk to them or not [there’s so many people], that community I’ve yet to see anywhere else. God just spoke to my heart and was like I answered your prayers two years ago, look what I’ve given you and it floored me. I’m honestly speechless. So after WAR I went home and slept because For The Least of These was at 4PM that day, that’s a Haiti Benefit concert. It was really awesome, Pastor Chuck’s testimony pulled at my heart and God really called me to examine some things in my life. But during the whole concert there was this security guard who I know wasn’t with us but he hung around. And I kept noticing him, I thought oh he’s christian like he’s just in to it, turns out he wasn’t but after Chuck presented the gospel he was! PRAISE GOD, like I can’t even. And so it was just so much sobering realizations of what I have and what I’m doing, just repositioning my heart to desire more of The Lord. Honestly I am so blessed to know God and to know that He’s working on me. 

#ShareaCoke with the ones who summer wouldn’t be the same without. 

Work all day, sleep at 9 pm.
I’m officially old.

But my mind is going a million a minute.